The friendly rally across the Atlantic 

Viking Explorers is an exciting new and friendly rally for all of us that will need and also want to share their knowledge to give help to other cruisers to make yours and theirs crossing of the Atlantic a success. 
The main purpose of Viking Explorers is not biggest possible group but the best and friendliest group that can be created. There will probably be a limit of a maximum of 25 boats.

The route starts in the Canary Island in early January, when the trade winds are more steady (and you can celebrate Xmas home if you want to) and do a stop-over in real Africa (Mindelo, Cape Verde) on the way to beautiful Grenada, The Spice Island of the Caribbean. 


Some key factors:
# Low nominal cost to participate with many discounts  (chandlery, batteries, charts/guide books ...)
# Every skipper is responsible for the safety of their boat and crew - no compulsory equipment checks ...
# Seminars, get-together and help from local sailors to find equipment and tradespeople to help prepare your boat

Visit the official website of the Viking Explorers.

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