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The Team

All sailors and volunteers of 8islas, have been active for many years in the nautical scene. Some are part of Associations, others of media, always in the maritime industry. Others are experienced sailors.

Its founder, Oliver Solanas Heinrichs, has been linked to sailing for many years.


How did all this start ?

 After a singlehanded sailing through all the Canary Islands in 2013, Oliver experienced and saw the problems sailors face with in many marinas of the Canary Islands; he founded 8islas. He is the coordinator for the Canary Island and former Vice President of Anavre (Spanish Cruising Association), is in constant contact, both with the Canary Islands administration and with international sailing associations, which he represents on the Canary Islands.

He is a sailor, a passionate surfer and world traveller, has crossed the Atlantic several times and is aware of sailors needs. He has been living on his boat since 2013.

He is member of the National Geographic Society since 2004, and is aware about the big problems our oceans are facing with . He has actively participated in demos helping the environment and has organized many sailing events. (more here)

In 2015, he was awarded with the Port Officer medal by the prestigious Ocean Cruising Club (United Kingdom) for his continuous help and contribution on the Canary Islands. (More here)

He has worked as safety officer and spanish press contact at the ARC for several years, has organized many sailing events and attended fairs.

He is the author of the Canary Islands nautical guide "Cruising Guide to the Canary Islands" published by the prestigious company, Imray, distributed worldwide.

An Atlantic Crossing was organized in January 2018 called "Viking Explorers" with 17 boats, leaving from the Canary Islands to Barbados, via Cape Verde.

Now having the event consolidated the Viking Explorers has become a yearly event.


Due all the experience gained he constantly helps sailors with their preparations for an Atlantic crossing. He performs safety seminars and webinars in collaboration with prestigious companies and associations and occasionally does safety checks on boats.

Having worked for almost 20 years as Ground Operations Supervisor, Manager , and station manager for several airlines in the past, he is well aware about the basics: SAFETY and SERVICE.

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"Buena proa" 

"Fair winds" 

Oliver Solanas Heinrichs

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