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PredictWind provides incredibly accurate wind and marine forecasts on the web. Professional forecasts, available for everyone. Best forecasts, to make better decisions. Worldwide coverage. Outstanding Accuracy. Free GRIB Viewer. Live Wind Observations. 


What can Predictwind offer as a special deal if they wish to set up a new system? What hardware is needed, what software – at what prices?

We promote the Iridium GO  Marine Package, the price for this is 999USD, this has a 20% discount on it.

The advantages of buying the Iridium GO from PredictWind are as follows;
1) Best pricing on the web for the complete marine package including the antenna & cable.
2) Support for both the Iridium GO! & PredictWind forecast downloads.
3) Customised GPS tracking website with the PredictWind Standard or Professional Package.
4) The best quality antenna & cable on the market. These components are critical for a good data connection.
5) Competitive data plans, we recommend the Unlimited Plan which has 150 free minutes of outgoing calls to landlines or cell phones per month, plus unlimited SMS and data.


To learn more, and purchase an Iridium GO, please go to


What can you offer those who already run the Predict Wind system?

We can offer all rally participants a 20% rebate on their PW subscription new or existing on the Standard or Professional version for 1 year or 3 months.

To obtain special deals, you must be participant of the Viking Explorers Rally to Grenada. 
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