8Islas, is also aware of the great need to help the marine environment and  helped the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on the Canary Islands through the Poseidon 

Program, at the Viking Explorers Atlantic Rally, in obtaining data through the sighting of species. Also for Sail and Whale, which is another project that aims to compile sightings of cetaceans, using citizen science as a basis, fundamentally, in collaboration with seafarers. We know that in an ocean crossing, these data will be of great relevance for oceanographic professionals and researchers. It will not only be used to obtain data, but also to raise awareness among sailors through the Platform 8Islas, informing all the nautical associations nationally and internationally with which it collaborates. Oceanconservation is a main pillar of 8islas. It´s founder, Oliver Solanas, has been very active at demos and events and is member of the National Geographic Society since 2004.

8islas keeps seeking for professionals, that want our help to obtain data or spread the word to the thousands of sailors that cross the Atlantic every year.