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The value of being a member


Belonging to a cruising association will give you many benefits, including  information for captains/crew of critical passaging and destination aspects. Associations complement rallies and/or single boat voyages. Its not either or, its both. 


Including many features, most of the associations have experienced sailors assisting boats on arrival,  all over the world. The various groups refer to on their ground/harbor contacts as Port Officers, Cruising Station Hosts or Harbor Officers; in many cases they are the same individuals. All are dedicated to martime information and cruiser and collaborate with each other for the greater benefit to all . Arriving ata new destination, with a direct contact on shore/in harbor will provide current information during these complicated cruising times; and they stand ready to help with emergencies or more fundimenal topics such as where to get repairs or provisions. And almost everywhere, you will find a warm welcome, offer of tea/coffee or get togethers. 

However, this is only a small part of association benefits; they offer you many more valuable services which makes your cruising life much easier. You will be cruising with friends and a 'new family' found through the association networks of contacts. 

We encourage every Sailor to get in touch with any of these associations, and visit their websites for more information. Most of their members and their governing bodies are experienced sailors; they know and understand cruising needs. Cruisers  helping fellow cruisers.

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